Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement to Satisfy Eligibility for the Wisconsin Recycling Consolidation Grant for Calendar Year 2023

This agreement is made by and between the Cities of De Pere and Green Bay, the Villages of Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Denmark, Hobart, Howard, Pulaski, Suamico, Wrightstown, and Towns of Eaton, Glenmore, Green Bay, Holland, Humboldt, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Morrison, New Denmark, Pittsfield, Rockland, Scott and Wrightstown, and the Oneida Nation, each of which is a municipal corporation, and each of which is a Responsible Unit as defined in Section 287.01(9) of the Wisconsin Statutes (collectively referred to as the “Responsible Units” or “RUs”) for purposes of implementing efficiencies related to operating an effective recycling program in accordance with ss. 287.11 and 287.24, Wis. Stats., and ch. NR 542, Wis. Admin. Code. This agreement is intended to qualify for the 2023 Wisconsin Recycling Consolidation Grant.

WHEREAS the RUs believe that, by working together in this cooperative agreement, they can more effectively and efficiently provide for the recycling education needs of their citizens; and
WHEREAS the RUs desire to collaborate in an effort to educate about recycling; and
WHEREAS RUs recognize the importance of educating residents about recycling and their responsibility to do so; and
WHEREAS Brown County partnered with Outagamie and Winnebago Counties, collectively known as Tri-County
Recycling, to fund, host, and promote a new smartphone recycling app developed by Betterbin; and
WHEREAS Tri-County Recycling will continue to fund, host, and promote the Waste Wizard Material Search Engine tool; and
WHEREAS the Betterbin smartphone app, and the Waste Wizard Material Search Engine provide comprehensive
information on single-stream recycling guidelines, recycling plastic bags, proper medical sharps disposal, electronics recycling, universal waste recycling, household hazardous waste programs, pharmaceutical drop boxes and waste reduction tips; and
WHEREAS Section 66.0301(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes authorizes cooperation between municipalities and allows municipalities to contract with each other for the receipt or furnishing of services or the joint exercise of any power or duty required or authorized by law; and
WHEREAS each participating RU will maintain a copy of the other above listed RUs’ cooperative agreements on file, given that not all cooperating RUs will be able to sign a single document;
NOW THEREFORE IT IS AGREED THAT the above listed RUs have and will make available to its residents the TriCounty Recycling Betterbin smartphone app and Waste Wizard Material Search Engine
(, recognizing additional and consistent education will reduce
contamination and improve recycling, thereby enabling the processing and marketing of these recyclables in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
William Verbeten Aye Nay
Ronald Diny Aye Nay
Jesse Juedes Aye Nay
Resolution 2022-01 adopted this 14th day of September, 2022.
/S/_________________________________________ Attest: /S/____________________________________
William Verbeten, Town Chairman Donna Martzahl, Town Clerk
Town of Wrightstown Date: September 14, 2022