Notice of First Joint Meeting






PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Town Board of the Town of Wrightstown, Brown

County, Wisconsin, and the Village Board of the Village of Greenleaf shall hold a joint meeting

On April 24, 2024 at 1PM at the Greenleaf Village Hall/ Town of Wrightstown Town Hall, 1527 Day Street, Greenleaf, Wisconsin


Agendas have been posted at the Village/Town Hall, Dick’s Family Foods in Wrightstown and

also at


Any individual wishing to attend whom, because of disability, requires special accommodations, please contact the town clerk at 6578 Ledgetop Drive, Greenleaf, WI 54126, (920) 532-0607.




1)Roll Call


  1. Town Board
  2. Village Board


2)  Review, discuss, and consideration of Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Village of                             Greenleaf and the Town of Wrightstown.


  1. Village Board consideration of Village of Greenleaf Ordinance #2024.01, to Set and

Facilitate Initial Village Elections and to Address Other Matters of Village Organization.


  1. Town Board consideration of Resolution 2024-01, Town of Greenleaf Approval and

Authorization of the Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Village of Greenleaf

and the Town of Wrightstown Providing for the Provision of Services.


3) Consideration of Boundary Agreement


  1. Review of proposed new boundary
  2. Procedures and direction to staff
  3. Action by Town Board
  4. Action by Village Board


4) Adjourn.


Notice posted on the 17th day of April, 2024.



Jeanette Roskom

Deputy Town Clerk and Acting Deputy Village Clerk