General Information

Town Newsletter 2019

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our residents informed on the happenings in the Town of Wrightstown. Included is the 2018 financial summary for the Town of Wrightstown as well as the 2018 financial summary for Sanitary District #1. You will also find the garbage/recycle schedule and featured articles from town administrators. Please forward suggestions for future newsletters to treasurer@townofwrightstown.org.

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Please, place your green recycling cart to the curb by 5:00am.   


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Single-Stream Recycling Schedule

Every Other Wednesday

Refer to "CALENDAR" for exact dates

Recycling carts placed out on the wrong weeks will not be collected 

Holiday Service: If your scheduled pickup day should land on a Holiday, you will receive next day service.

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Single Stream Recycling: Carts should be placed at least 4’ apart or on separate sides of your driveway.

The following are items acceptable for single stream recycling and should be put in your green recycle cart. 

Glass: Rinsed bottles and jars of any color. 

Steel/Aluminum: Rinsed aluminum, steel, bi-metal cans, and non-pesticide aerosol cans. 

Plastic: Rinsed containers where the neck of the bottle is smaller than the base or widest part of the container such as soda bottles, milk jugs, laundry bottles, vinegar containers, shampoo, conditioner,yogurt, cottage cheese type plastic containers, and plastic containers that held solvents and pesticides.

Paper/Cardboard: Clean cardboard and paper such as magazines, books, junk mail, envelopes, phone books, catalogues, writing paper, newspaper, and shredded paper placed in a grocery bag in your recycle cart.  All cardboard must be cut to fit into your recycle cart. 

The following are items not acceptable for single stream recycling and should be put in your blue solid waste cart: 

  • Paper that is contaminated with food grease or debris; Tissue products and foil
  • Clay flower pots, ceramic cups and plates; drinking glass and dinner ware; pots, pans and ovenware; styrofoam, and microwave containers
  • Light bulbs, window glass and auto glass
  • Paint cans with dried sludge or dried paint
  • Sheet metal, screws and nails; car parts and small appliances
  • Plastic bags
  • Motor oil bottles   

GARBAGE PICK-UP for the Town of Wrightstown is every Wednesday. Dumpster must be out on the curb by 5:00 a.m.

RECYCLING QUESTIONS -  questions you may have on what to recycle or where to recycle, can be answered by Brown County Port and Resource Recovery website http://www.browncountyrecycling.org


Real estate tax bills are sent out from the Brown County Treasurer’s office usually the second to third week in December. Please see the change in payment procedure on the link from our home page. Any questions can be directed to Jeanette Roskom, Town Treasurer at 664-3119.


Wisconsin Act 39 requires the Town of Wrightstown to collect the following fees for a dog license: 
Note: any dog over 5 months of age must be licensed.

Neutered/spayed $5.00
Intack male or female $10.00
Kennell license $40.00

You will also be required to present RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE issued by a veterinarian.
You may send the appropriate fee by check with Rabies Vaccination Certificate to:

Town of Wrightstown, Treasurer
P O Box 175, Greenleaf WI 54126

Your Rabies Vaccination Certificate and license will be mailed to you. Fees may also be paid at the home of the treasurer by appointment or at the Greenleaf Wayside Bank on tax collection days. Please call Jeanette Roskom if you have any questions about dog licenses at (920) 664-3119


Applications for liquor, cigarette and operator’s licenses may be obtained by contacting Donna Martzahl.


Greenleaf Volunteer Fire Department annual picnic – third Sunday in July at the Fireman’s Park, corner of State Highways 57 & 32 and Fair Road.


The community of Greenleaf is served by a sanitary district with both water and sewer service. Meter reading dates are approximately the 15th of March, June, September and December.  Sanitary District No. 1 utility payment questions should be addressed to Stephanie Owen at (920) 309-1483 or sowentwsd@hotmail.com. Questions regarding early readings or meter problems may be addressed to Bob Brick at (920) 360-7560 . Before watering a new lawn or filling a swimming pool, contact Bob Brick for metering. Adjustments cannot be made after you’ve used the water.


Requests for special assessments letters are made to Jeanette Roskom, Town Treasurer. The fee is $25.00 per parcel per request. These requests may be e-mailed to jeanetteroskom@gmail.com or call to (920) 664-3119. If the property location is within the Sanitary District No. 1 information regarding final water and sewer billing may be requested at the same time.