Yard Waste Disposal Info

The South Landfill accepts stumps, logs, and thick branch limbs without leaves.  All other brush, branches, plant materials, leaves, and grass trimmings need to go to municipal yard waste sites/programs. 
Also accepted at the South Landfill is rock, gravel, concrete and aggregate.  Soil and clay should still be directed to municipal yard waste sites/programs.

Our preferred steps for residents with questions on how to properly dispose of anything:

  • First check out the Waste Wizard on the Tri-County Recycling website, which is a handy tool that will answer all of their “what do I do with ___?” questions.   https://recyclemoretricounty.org/ . 
  • Residents can also access our webpage at https://www.browncountyrecycling.org/ where we have information on acceptable materials.  There is an option for visitors to the site to email us their questions as well.
  • Lastly, if they have any remaining questions after visiting the above sites, please refer them to contact us directly at (920) 492-4950.