RESOLUTION 2022-04
                                                              Town of Wrightstown
                                                             Brown County, Wisconsin
WHEREAS, the Town of Wrightstown’s Auditor, Onward Accounting & Consulting, LLC, has
recommended that the Town adopt a Compensation Schedule on an annual basis to facilitate
the preparation of the town’s Financial Statements, and;

WHEREAS, such a Compensation Schedule will facilitate the proper financial management of
the Town, and;

WHEREAS, since the Town has prepared a Compensation Schedule, as shown in Attachment A
to this Resolution, and;

BE FURTHER IT RESOLVED, that a Compensation Schedule shall be adopted by the Town

BE FURTHER IT RESOLVED, that this Resolution is permanently entered in the record of the
proceeding of the Town of Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin.

Approved and adopted this 14th day of December, 2022.


Chairman William Verbeten



Donna Martzahl, Clerk

William Verbeten Aye Nay
Ronald Diny Aye Nay
Jesse Juedes Aye Nay

                                                                    Attachment A
                                                         Compensation Schedule 2023

Chairman – $ 12,100/yr

Clerk – $ 24,000/yr

Supervisors – $ 7,700/yr

Treasurer – $ 10,800/yr

Zoning Administrator – $330/month
                                        Plus $50 per meeting and permit fees

Planning Commission Members – $50 per month plus $20 for any additional meetings they
attend in a month.

Brown County Planning Commission – $50/meeting

Zoning Board of Appeals – $50 per meeting/$55 per meeting for secretary
(on as needed basis)

Election Inspectors – $12/hr Chief Inspector
                                     $10/hr Election Inspector
                                     $8/hr for training

Public Works Employee $14/hr

Weed Commissioner $250/yr
Health Officer $250/yr