Looking to Fill Treasurer position in January of 2022.

Applicants must be residents in the Town of Wrightstown. 

Treasurer’s position summary: Performs the statutory duties of the Town Treasurer as provided in section 60.34, Wis. Stats. and other related statutes, as well as the duties contained in Town ordinances, resolutions and policies that may be enacted by the Town Board or Town meeting. It is the responsibility of the Town Treasurer to review, understand and follow these regulations as well as to keep abreast of any updates to them.

Primary Function: The Treasurer maintains the Town’s Financial system, administers Town finances and maintains records in compliance with federal and state statutes.

The responsibilities of the Treasurer are listed below:

  • Coordinate the financial activities for the Town of Wrightstown.

  • Keep a itemized account of all monies received and disbursed by the Town using QuickBooks.

  • Deposit as soon as practicable, the funds of the Town in the name of the Town in the public depository designated by the Town.

  • Manage the loans and bonds as authorized by the Town.

  • Conduct banking transactions and reconciliations for Town accounts.

  • Co-sign checks for all funds disbursed.

  • Maintain a system of control to ensure that expenditures do not exceed appropriations.

  • Prepare monthly financial reports to present to the Town Board

  • Attend all Town Board meetings. and various training sessions, meetings and seminars as directed bythe Town Board.

  • Work closely with the Town Clerk for billing and collection activities.

  • Perform all tax collection duties required of the Treasurer under Chapters 70-79:

  • Assist Town Clerk and Town Board in preparing the Annual operational and capital budget.

  • Work closely with financial consultant to prepare policies, procedures and systems necessary to ensure that effective controls are in place to protect the financial affairs of the Town.

  • Work closely with the Town Clerk and staff to obtain all information needed for the Town auditors.

  • Handle financial and tax related correspondence.

  • Act as a backup to day-to-day operations of the Town and general office duties normally performed by the Town Clerk.

  • Perform other duties or projects as assigned by the Town Board.

  • Update and maintain town website.

  • Gather information and update annual town newsletter.

  • Serves as correspondance and process all Special Assessment Letters.

  • Serve as correspondance and process all annual Dog Licenses.

Perform duties of the Sanitary District #1 Treasurer.

  • Collect all payments and take care of bank deposits.

  • Work closely with the Sanitary District Clerk to enure payments are collected.

  • Track account deliquencies.

  • Responsible for updating and presenting monthly financial reports at the monthly meetings.

General Provisions:

  • The Treasurer must take and file the official oath and bond as provided in section 60.31, WI Stats.

  • The Treasurer may appoint a deputy, for which the Treasurer is responsible as provided in section 60.341, WI Stats. The deputy must take and file the official oath and bond as provided in section 60.31, WI Stats.


  • Strong listening, verbal and written communication and organizational skills.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Ability to work professionally and congenially with a wide variety of people in multiple situations.

  • Financial/Budgeting experience in a business setting.

  • Demonstrated ability read and understand legal documents and directives.

  • Proficient in Quick books accounting software.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer.

  • The Treasurer is expected to work hours as needed to complete the required duties.

Hours vary month to month. A typical week requires an average of 5 hours for the Town
of Wrightstown duties and 3 hours for the Sanitary District #1 duties.

  • The Treasurer is expected to attend all regular Town Board meetings, held the 2nd Wednesday of the Month: Sanitary District Meeting at 6PM, Town Board Meeting at 7PM.

  • The Treasurer may be expected to attend other meetings as directed by the Town Board.

  • Rate of pay is a monthly stipend for the Sanitary District #1 and Town of Wrightstown.

  • Paychecks are issued for the month at the monthly meetings.

If interested, please email a cover letter and resume to treasurer@townofwrightstown.org by November 24, 2021. 
Interviews will be held on December 1st.